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2018 Light My Fire Committee


2017 Check Presentations-Boise and Meridian

It is a great month for Light My Fire.  We are proud to announce that in 2017 we raised $35,400.  All net proceeds have recently been donated directly to Boise and Meridian’s Fire Prevention, Education, Safety, and Burnout Programs.  Meridian received $14,160.  Boise received $21,240.   


Light My Fire, Inc., was formed 24 years ago with collective donations reaching $400,400 for this life saving, worthwhile cause.  In 2018 please join us at our “Cheers for 25 Years” Black & Bling Anniversary Celebration.  It will be held on February 23rd at the Riverside Hotel.  


2016 Check Presentation-Boise

It was a great day for all Light My Fire-LMF Committee members! The devotion of our time, energy and passion are transformed into dollars to aide fire victims in their time of need as well as fortifying fire prevention education and safety programs. Out of the $34,150 raised in 2016, 40% was donated to Meridian Fire earlier this month and 60% to Boise A ceremonial check in the amount of 20,490 was presented at a Boise City Council meeting on October 25th. $10,245 was donated to the Boise burnout fund. $10,245 was donated to Boise fire Education, Safety and Prevention Program. The fire education safety and prevention check is automatically doubled with a matching grant fund. Over the past 24 years more than $360,000 has been raised and donated to help support these programs in the Treasure Valley!

2016 Check Presentation-Meridian

The Light My Fire organization presents a check to the City of Meridian for $13,660. Chief Neimeyer receives $8,196 for fire safety and prevention. This donation is matched by the City of Meridian's matching grand fund, increasing that contribution to $16,392. Joe Bonjorno, representing the Meridian Burn Out Fund receives $5,464 in donations. During 2016, the Light My Fire committee raised $34,150 for the Boise and Meridian Fire Departments fire prevention and education and emergency assistance programs. Please mark your calendars for February 24th 2017, the date for the next Light My Fire dinner/auction!

For 23 years, more than $365,000 has been raised and donated towards helping people in their time of need and helping to educate individuals in fire safety and prevention.

2015 Check Presentation-Meridian

Yesterday was a GREAT Day for the Light My Fire Committee.  In 2015 the Light My Fire committee raised Net Proceeds of $32,800 at our February Dinner/Auction and our Golf tournament held in June. There is a 60 – 40 split total between Boise and Meridian with Meridian receiving 40% of our contribution.  It is with great pleasure that we turned over our ceremonial check of $13,120.  Meridian’s Fire Safety and Prevention received $7,872.  The beauty of this donation is that it is MAGICALLY doubled because of Meridian’s matching grant fund - increasing it to $15,744.  The Meridian Burnout Fund received $5,248.



2015 Check Presentation-Boise

$19,680 was presented to Boise Fire Education programs and the Boise Burnout Fund today!! All thanks goes to the Light My Fire committee and all or our amazing supporters!!

2014 Check Presentations to Boise and Meridian Fire Departments:



Words from Light My Fire President: Mary Cahoon: "I am so proud of what our Committee continues to accomplish! In 2014 our net proceeds reached an amazing $32,750. Donations to Meridian Fire Prevention and Safety Program and Burnout Fund totaled $13,100. Donations to Boise Fire Prevention and Safety Program and Burnout Fund totaled $19,650. Both Boise and Meridian have matching grant funds on the Fire Safety and Prevention side.

Thank you’s flowed during the check presentations from Meridian and Boise City Council Members. Comments included how tremendous it is sustain the passion, drive and commitment to a fundraiser for 22 years. They acknowledged that most of the time it begins with energy and then fizzles out. The accomplishments and donations made by Light My Fire is phenomenal! Light My Fire is a shining example of what make Boise and Meridian great. Congratulations to all!

Treasure Valley Light My Fire extends help to Mountain Home Fire Department Burn Out Fund:

The Treasure Valley Light My Fire Committee donates to the Mountain Home Fire Department Burn Out Fund~

A message from the LMF President: Mary Cahoon of Disaster Kleenup: Due to the immediate need in Mountain Home for Burnout Funds and requests from Light My Fire Committee members to help out financially, a special meeting was held by the Light My Fire Board. After reviewing the budget, evaluating the health of the start-up dollars for dinner/auction, the LMF Board of Directors made a unanimous decision to make a $1,000 Special Needs Donation to the Mountain Home Burnout Fund. A check will be delivered to them tomorrow.

Your hard work and efforts are being put to great use. Thank you.


2013 Check presentations to Meridian:

2013 Check presentations to Boise:




2013 Golf Tournament




2012 LMF Alaska Fishing Trip photos



2012 Check Presentations:

Thank you to all Light My Fire Committee members who were able to attend the check presentation to the City of Boise! Funds donated from the committee to the City of Boise for the Burn out Fund and Fire Safety Education totaled $17,976

Thank you to all of those Light My Fire Committee Members who attended the check presentation for the City of Meridian. We were able to present $10,944 that was split between Meridian Fire Education and the Meridian Burn Out Fund.


Light My Fire Golf Tournament 

2010 Light My Fire Tournament Prizes and Raffle Items2010 Light My Fire Tournament Prizes and Raffle Items2010 - Prizes, Prizes, Prizes2010 Light My Fire Golf Tournament Sponsors

 2010 Light My Fire Golf Tournament



Light My Fire Gala Event



Light My Fire, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. 

Contact us at:  208.484.7272   or mail: 10062 W Fairview Ave Ste100, Boise, ID 83704